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These short teachings, will encourage a close relationship with Christ Jesus, looking at all the benefits available to your life through Him.

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Paul Craig - 2nd March 2024

Victory Over the Beast

Victory Over the Beast

The book of Revelation shows us who belong to God are with the lamb Jesus Christ, having Father God's name written on their foreheads, protected and safe forever. God brought plagues through Moses to break the power Pharaoh and see God's people go free. In Revelation we see Jesus breaking down worldly powers that block people coming into a love relationship with Him.

Scripture References: Revelation 14:1, Revelation 15:1-4, Matthew 28:18, Exodus 8:22-23, Exodus 9:2-4, Exodus 12:13, Exodus 12:31, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Colossians 1:13, Revelation 9:4, Revelation 16:10-11, Revelation 18:2, Revelation 18:8

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